Info & FAQ


$1.80 per page for basic translation AND editing (typesetting). Transparent background CG sets and extremely excessive text are $2.00 per page. This includes the translation and editing of all dialogue, character bios/extras, in-bubble sound effects (SFX), and any important out-of-bubble SFX. Author’s notes are not done unless it’s important to the story. Title pages may be included depending on the complexity of the edit. Anything else can be requested for an additional price.

Basic process of commissioning us:

  • Contact us with the material you’d like translated. Please provide a link to where it can be downloaded. If you have any special requests, then please include them now.
    We’ll get back to you within 48 hours with a quoted price and other details.
  • Pay the quoted price. Depending on the size of the project, we can work out a payment plan but it must be paid in full before being released.
  • Once we’re done, it’s yours! We’ll keep you updated along the way.

How to contact:

The best way is by using the Contact Us page or PMing ShotaCat on the forums. You can also email me at [email protected] or DM me on Discord.



Any large commission such as a tankoubon, anthology, an ongoing series, or CG set can be crowdfunded. Our prices are transparent but you can contact us any time if you’re unsure or want a direct quote. To crowdfund a project, you’ll need to pay a 25% deposit of the total cost of the project. If it’s an ongoing series, then 25% of the first part. Crowdfunded projects are open to anyone. Please contact me directly if you wish to pay towards one.



What languages do you translate into?
Japanese to English.

Can I re-translate your work into another language?
Feel free to, but please link back to this page!

What sets you apart from another commision blog?
Most people work solo. We’re a team which means we have more people to catch errors and increase the overall quality of our releases. This does mean we are somewhat slower but we’ll never sacrifice quality just to put out a release a few hours earlier.

How much do you charge per page?
Average cost per page is $1.80 USD for translation and editing. However, that price may go up or down depending on the complexity of the edit and amount of text.

How do I pay?
Patreon and PayPal are our primary payment methods but we do have other options available. Keep in mind that the commission price does not include any fees that merchants may charge.

How long until my project is finished?
You can contact us directly and ask for an update at any time. We even offer for you to view the status page of your commission that shows up to date info.

How do I contact you?
Tons of ways. Email, the Shotachan Discord (chat), and the forums are among the best ways. Feel free to contact ShotaCat if you have any questions.

Do you do crowd funding projects?
If there’s enough interest, then it’s something we’ll consider.

Is there anything you don’t translate?
We’re a shota-based group so that’s our main focus. We are open to other genres so it never hurts to ask.

Why do I have to pay upfront?
This is for the benefits of both parties. You’ll be well decided on what you want translated and we won’t be working for nothing.

Someone already translated what I commissioned!! Can I get a refund??
We will do research before starting any project and let you know if there’s a translation already. If one pops up while we’re working on it, we will do our best to accommodate you depending on how far along we are with the project. You can also decide to have our translation of the book published as well.

Is it possible to get a completely private translation just for myself?
Yup. This will normally cost more since we won’t get any publicity for it. However, we promise not to leak the raw or translation anywhere online. If you do upload it anywhere publicly in the future, then please credit us as being commissioned.

I found an error in the finished product!!
We put every project through a quality check (QC) process but we are human! Mistakes happen. Please contact us ASAP if you find an error and we’ll fix it for you. Keep in mind that anything over 30 days may be harder as we may not have the PSD files. We’ll still do our best to fix it.

Do you do non-ecchi as well?
Yes. While the naughty world is where we thrive, we can be commissioned to do other things. We will not do anything that’s licensed in the USA however.

Do you decensor?
Yes and no. We will only decensor white and black bars depending on the complexity. Mosaic and white-out censorship we will not do.

Will you translate this book if I buy it?
Possibly. Please contact us with a link to the book. Do NOT buy a book before confirming with us. If you’re new to scanning, we can walk you through on how to produce a high quality scan.

What about document translation? Can you translate this YouTube video for me?
We’re currently only focused on manga translation.

Why didn’t you reply to my comment/message on exhentai?
We try our best to reply to actual private messages. We do read all comments but it can be difficult to reply to a comment promptly. Especially if it’s on an older gallery. It’s best to contact us directly if you have something you really want a reply from.