(CT24) [Cannabis, Mine Noujou (Shimaji, Mine Mura)] Wolf Sheep Lesson (THE [email protected] SideM)

Title: Wolf Sheep Lesson
Circle: Cannabis, Mine Noujou
Artist: Shimaji, MineMura
Parody: THE [email protected] SideM
Pages: 36
Commissioner: soccerpads
Translator: alparslan
Editor: d4sh
QC: gmartinez12, Sean

Shotachan Gallery & DL | ExHentai

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Pixiv | Twitter | Website

Pixiv | Twitter | Website

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Shimaji, Mine Mura (Cannabis, Mine Noujou) – Shounen Ryoujoku File

Two boys learn to respect their elders.

Title: Shounen Ryoujoku File
Artists: Mine Mura, Shimaji
Circles: Mine Noujou, Cannabis
From: Original
Pages: 30
Translator: ayszhang
Editor: DaniTrapped
Scanner: Shinjisan
QC: Cipher-kun, TRG